Roast beef and cheese pretzel kebabs, surrounded by berries and peppers

This one is so easy, it’s practically embarrassing to call it a recipe.  Pretzel kebabs hit me one morning when I was trying to think of new, preschool-safe skewer ideas so I could send food on a stick for the kids without worrying about whether or not someone might lose an eye.  I’ve done lots of substitutions in the past — popsicle sticks, lollipop sticks, the handles of plastic spoons — but it occurred to me that it would be awfully nice if the skewer itself could be edible.

Enter the pretzel stick.

Sure, it’s a pretzel, so maybe you don’t want to send these EVERY day.  But I figure a whole-wheat pretzel stick with ingredients I’ve read and approved of is hardly the worst thing I could be packing in the boys’ lunchboxes.  Besides, as a vehicle for the good stuff, like meats, cheeses, and vegetables, if a pretzel can entice your kids to eat better, I’ll look the other way.

Pretzel Kebabs 

4-6 whole-wheat pretzel sticks, depending on your kid’s appetite
3 oz. meat of your choice, cut into roughly 1-inch strips — I used sliced roast beef when I tested the recipe
1-2 oz. cheese of your choice, cut into 1/2 inch cubes — we used organic mozzarella, which skewers nicely on the pretzels since it’s a bit soft.
Fruit or vegetable pieces, if desired (berries, apple chunks, or grape tomatoes would all be good choices)

Thread meat, cheese, and fruit or vegetables (if using) onto the pretzel sticks, alternating items to make skewers that contain at least one piece of each.  To make thinly sliced meats easier to skewer neatly, roll the slices up first.