Soft pretzel sandwich, orange slices, bell peppers

I just couldn’t think of a good reason why NOT to try this idea.

I very, very rarely make homemade soft pretzels.  They’re easy to make, but a bit time-consuming, and there are so many other things I could be making with that time that pretzels almost never cross my mind.  But whenever football season starts back up and I start thinking about game-day snacks, my mind drifts inevitably towards pretzel dough.

This year, it struck me that if you can make a sandwich on a bagel, you can certainly make a sandwich on a soft pretzel.  In homage to stadium snacks, I chose to make ours with some organic garlic-herb sausage, but really they’d be just great with turkey, ham, roast beef, or even just cheese in the middle.  L. told me that it was one of the coolest lunches he’d ever seen, and the container came home empty, so it must have been a hit.

Soft Pretzel Sandwiches

1 homemade soft pretzel (I used the garlic variation listed at the end of this recipe)
1/2 a cooked organic sausage link, any variety you prefer

Split the pretzel in half lengthwise and thinly slice the sausage.  Layer the sausage pieces on one side of the pretzel, top with the other side, and serve — mustard optional.