Yep, that pretty much sums up this summer.

There’s been a bunch of…stuff. Some good, some definitely very, extremely, a lot not good. We’re fine, we’re surviving, but ugh, the STUFF. *dramatic sigh*

Also, what is with it being August 1 already? This is what I mean: Pure nonsense. We’ve barely summered, for Pete’s sake. And yet here we are with the back-to-school shopping lists and the little voice of resignation that says it’s just about time to put away our carefree sunshine selves and get back down to the Important Business of All The Things.

And the most nonsensical thing of all? L. is turning TEN this weekend. TEN. What the what, as he would probably say. WHAT THE WHAT. When I started this site, he wasn’t even in Kindergarten, and here we are staring down double digits. Hmph. Pure shenanigans, that.

But try as I might, I cannot stop the nonsense from happening, nor the stuff from encroaching, so I’m keeping my feet moving forward and my hands busy. Fortunately, August is a good time for that, what with all the planning, organizing, and cooking that ought to get done so we’re in good shape for the months to come.

This month, you’ll see that I’ve placed asterisks * on the meal plan in various places. That’s shorthand to let you know that I think that night’s dinner would be an EXCELLENT candidate for doubling, so you can freeze the unused portions for another night later on. This cook, double, freeze philosophy basically saved my rear end last school year, so I’m determined to keep it going this year. If you haven’t tried it yourself, do. It’s a great sanity saver!


Monday, 8/1: Roasted Garlic Chicken Pasta Salad, sliced tomatoes
Tuesday, 8/2: Zucchini-Corn Benedicts and fruit
Wednesday, 8/3: Sausage and pepper sandwiches*, salad
Thursday, 8/4: Friends coming over! We’re having make-your-own tacos with beef or bean fillings*
Friday, 8/5: P.’s choice — Chicken teriyaki*, vegetables and rice
Saturday, 8/6: Fresh seafood
Sunday, 8/7: Birthdays for J. and L.! They’ve requested an inordinately heavy feast for this time of year: Homemade braciole*, manicotti*, garlic bread and salad, with profiteroles for dessert.


Monday, 8/8: BLTs and fruit
Tuesday, 8/9: Grilled chicken fajitas with fresh salsa and corn
Wednesday, 8/10: J.’s choice: Spaghetti with fresh tomatoes and basil
Thursday, 8/11: L.’s choice: Chicken caesar salads with homemade croutons
Friday, 8/12: “Frog slime” meatballs*, roasted potatoes and vegetables
Saturday, 8/13: Grilled ham steaks with peaches, vegetables
Sunday, 8/14: Sunday roast chickens, potato salad and vegetables

Monday, 8/15: P.’s choice: Pasta with 40-clove sauce, salad
Tuesday, 8/16: P.’s choice again: Burgers, corn and onion rings
Wednesday, 8/17: Chicken salad platter
Thursday, 8/18: L.’s choice: Veal piccata and broccoli
Friday, 8/19: Pulled pork*, cornbread and vegetables
Saturday, 8/20: Fresh seafood
Sunday, 8/21: Eggplant and zucchini parmigiana*, salad


Monday, 8/22: Summer vegetable alfredo
Tuesday, 8/23: J.’s choice: Grilled chicken with blueberry chutney, yellow rice and grilled vegetables
Wednesday, 8/24: Breakfast for dinner
Thursday, 8/25: L.’s choice: Steak and potatoes, vegetables
Friday, 8/26: Lemon chicken tortellini salad
Saturday, 8/27: P.’s choice: “Ultimate” Homemade pizza
Sunday, 8/28: Slow cooker turkey breasts* and vegetables


Monday, 8/29: L.’s choice: Hibachi fried rice
Tuesday, 8/30: L.’s choice again: “Deli night”
Wednesday, 8/31: FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! Homemade chicken nuggets/chicken patties and vegetables