This week’s school lunches are what I call easy-peasy. There’s going to be minimal prep involved, and heavy reliance on simple, kid-friendly menu choices that will all but guarantee the boxes come home empty.

As always, you can change things up and streamline the prep work for yourself even further by choosing to buy rather than make some of the items. I like homemade tortillas and don’t find them overly time-consuming to make, but when I know I won’t have extra minutes, I buy them — and you should feel free to do the same! Homemade granola is another item that’s fairly quick and easy, but again, you can omit it, buy store-bought, or substitute granola bars, cereal bars or some other similar choice that your kids prefer.

Weekend Prep:

  • This actually starts Friday night, when I’ll pull together some homemade whole-wheat tortillas for taco night
  • If I feel ambitious time-wise, I’ll have the kids help bake up a batch of granola for an extra side/snack choice

Weeknight Prep:

  • None! This week is super-simple.

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The Lunch Menus:

  • Monday: Depending on kid preferences, I’ll pack either DIY nacho kits using leftovers from Friday’s tacos, or leftover chowder from Sunday dinner
  • Tuesday: Leftover pizza from Monday night
  • Wednesday: Quesadillas on the remaining whole-wheat tortillas
  • Thursday: Relying on the lunch pantry — pb and banana rollup on a tortilla for one kid, almond butter packet with crackers for the other
  • Friday: DIY “sushi” bowls from Thursday’s leftovers

The Sides:

  • Homemade granola
  • Yogurt
  • Fresh fruit
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Crackers
  • Fruit leathers