There’s a reason I’m never without a jar of marinara sauce in my refrigerator.  Really, it’s true.  Some people talk about “never-ending stock;” I continually replenish my “never-ending sauce.”  When it’s down to the dregs, I dump them into my big Dutch oven as a starter, and make a new batch so we’ll have it handy for any number of quick applications.  There are so many things that can be done with a simple marinara that I think it’s madness NOT to keep it around — from spaghetti to this week’s Lunch Logic, and even beyond, it’s one of the most versatile things in my kitchen.

Meal Plan Refresher (or see the whole May 2013 Meal Plan)
Wednesday, 5/8:
Weekend warm-up: Mediterranean chicken and quinoa salad
Thursday, 5/9: Spaghetti marinara and salad
Make it GF: Use a wheat-free pasta like Jovial or Tinkyada brands
Friday, 5/10: Fend night
Saturday, 5/11: Ham and cheese stuffed shells, green salad
Make it GF: Substitute baked potatoes for the pasta shells
Sunday, 5/12: Mother’s Day; not sure what we’re doing, entirely, but if we’re around for dinner I’ll throw some steaks on the grill and make some veggie kebabs
Monday, 5/13: Frog Slime” Meatballs and roasted vegetables
Tuesday, 5/14: Roasted tomato and pepper soup, grilled cheese sandwiches


Lunch logic May 2013.2a

Lunch logic May 2013.2b

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