This post is part excitement, part thanks, and part mea culpa.

See, the great folks at Tuttorosso Tomatoes reached out to me a while back and asked if they could send me a blogger kit. No strings attached, no post required, but if I liked what I saw, I could share their promotion with you all. I said sure. I like tomatoes.

They sent me a kit. I didn’t realize it. It’s an extremely long and semi-pointless story, but the bullet point is, I just found it. And the promotion ends today. Bad blogger. Bad, bad blogger.

So MEA CULPA. And I’m sorry, Tuttorosso Tomato people, because your tomatoes are tasty and your “Inspiralize Spring” recipes look darned fun. I mean, friends, check out these nifty pasta  vegetable recipes that they created using a spiralizer! I particularly can’t stop looking at the Pasta Arrabiata made with carrot noodles. Arrabiata is a favorite of my sister D.’s (and mine, though I rarely make it because the heat level’s a bit much for the boys), and something about “angry carrots” makes me giggle. Also, they’ve got a recipe for Spaghetti All’Amatriciana made with parsnips, which are IMHO one of the world’s most overlooked vegetables. Now, I’m sure their recipe is fabulous, but I – as you may know – have my own fabulous recipe for Spaghetti All’Amatriciana. And now I want to make it with every possible vegetable-based noodle substitute under the sun. That is, once I’ve got a spiralizer, which I don’t have, but darnitall I’m going to have to get one. The amusement factor for six year old “Chef P.” alone would be worth the investment.

Anyway. I’m excited by the recipes…I feel bad about the package delivery snafu…and it’s totally my fault for not realizing that Tax Day and the end of the Inspiralizer promotion are one and the same. But if you’ve got time before the end of the day, head on over to the Tuttorosso Facebook Page to enter their giveaways – they’re handing out great prizes, including those coveted spiralizers I know I’d love to snag. And even if you don’t enter the promotion, you should still check out their recipes and report back, because I think we can all agree that we need more parsnip noodles in our lives.