May is all endings and beginnings around here. As the kids have grown, it’s evolved into probably the single busiest month of the year, filled with end-of-school concerts and events and family obligations. But it’s also the month that starts to show us the shape of summer. In a single weekend, we might be attending the opening farmer’s market of the season, the final youth orchestra concert of the year, and one of the first flag football games of the season. We’re putting down summer camp deposits and working out orchestra and fencing placements for next fall, all while I’m singing my last choral concert of the season and the kids are finishing their end-of-school-year tests and projects. May is the moment that reminds us that every ending comes with a new beginning, and every beginning means saying goodbye to something else.

In years past, I’ve lamented May because it’s such a gauntlet, calendar-wise. But this year, I’m leaning into it. I’ve bought my Community Supported Fisheries share so we’ll eat fresh local fish all summer long. I’ve carefully plotted every concert, game, awards ceremony, rehearsal, audition, party and event on my color-coded Google calendar. I’ve changed my internal language from “We have to do these things” to “We GET to do these things,” which is an instant gratitude boost (in case you haven’t tried it yet). And I’m letting go of a few moments in the meal plan where, as much as I might feel like I SHOULD be able to pull it all together and get a homemade meal figured out, it also feels like the energy I’d expend on such a feat would be better used to enjoy life. Sometimes, it’s good to remember that you can give yourself the gift of time.

May 2019 meal Plan


Wednesday, 5/1: We had tacos — they were supposed to be eaten on Tuesday night, April 30, but a stomach bug swept through the house so things got moved around a bit!
Thursday, 5/2: Orechiette with toasted garlic and broccolini, tomato and cucumber salad
Friday, 5/3: Loco Moco and broccoli
Saturday, 5/4: Salad pizza
Sunday, 5/5: Sunday Roast Chicken, creamed spinach, roasted vegetable medley and sourdough ciabatta
Monday, 5/6: Broccoli cheddar frittata, salad and ciabatta bread
Tuesday, 5/7: Sheet pan chicken nachos


Wednesday, 5/8: Angel hair pasta with tomatoes, mushrooms and herbs
Thursday, 5/9: Greek chicken and quinoa salad
Friday, 5/10: Sushi bowls
Saturday, 5/11: Spaghetti and meatballs, salad
Sunday, 5/12: Mother’s Day — I’m on strike!
Monday, 5/13: Spanakopita and grilled or roasted vegetable and grain salad
Tuesday, 5/14: Spicy shrimp with avocado and vegetable quesadillas


Wednesday, 5/15: I have a dress rehearsal and L. has a concert — Chicken Caesar Salad will work for everyone to eat at different times
Thursday, 5/16: Meatball subs, fruit
Friday, 5/17: Another dress rehearsal for me. Italian chopped salad and bread
Saturday, 5/18: Nutty orzo salad and roasted vegetables before I head out to a concert
Sunday, 5/19: Citrus grilled chicken thighs, couscous and tomato and cucumber salad after my last concert of the weekend is over
Monday, 5/20: Vegetable fried rice
Tuesday, 5/21: Fajita wraps using leftover grilled chicken, refried beans


Wednesday, 5/22: Pasta e ceci, salad and rolls
Thursday, 5/23: L. has a Chamber Music masterclass and P. has fencing, both at the dinner hour — I honestly don’t know what we’re going to do tonight, so I’m giving myself the gift of not worrying about it!
Friday, 5/24: Tomato-basil risotto and salad
Saturday, 5/25: P. has a fencing tournament over dinner time, so I’m going to just put together an assortment of mezze-style bites and some pita and we can snack when we’re able
Sunday, 5/26: Fresh seafood
Monday, 5/27: Memorial Day. We’ll work out our plans when we work them out!
Tuesday, 5/28: Omelets and bread


Wednesday, 5/29: Chicken tikka masala and rice
Thursday, 5/30: Veggie burritos
Friday, 5/31: Grilled pizzas