I just got back from L.’s kindergarten Spring Concert at school, so it’s been a crazy night here.  I’m pretty wiped out, truthfully, from the entire week — but I’ve got just enough strength for some Lunch Logic before I pour myself half a glass of red wine and go to bed nice and early.

Lunch Logic this week uses up leftovers of things that are easily made in large batches.  Risotto is simple to cook up in any quantity, and slow cooker meals are a fast way to make extra portions for later use.  I very rarely advocate that people spend extra time in the kitchen to make enough food for the week; instead, I prefer this method, which involves just using the time you’re already devoting to cooking, and doubling your output without doubling your effort.

Meal Plan Refresher:


Saturday, 6/1: Seafood!  We’re going to bring our first share up to my in-laws’ house, too, and cook for them while we take advantage of their pool and air conditioning on what’s supposed to be a hot day.
Sunday, 6/2: Chicken under a brick, herbed potatoes, vegetables
Monday, 6/3: Risotto with local greens and poached eggs
Tuesday, 6/4: Pasta poulet, salad
Make it GF: Use a wheat-free pasta such as Jovial or Tinkyada brands
Wednesday, 6/5: DIY salad night
Thursday, 6/6: Slow cooker meal before L.’s Spring Concert at school — California Chuck Roast
Friday, 6/7: Fend night


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