Pizza CrepesWhat do you do when you intend to make homemade pizza for dinner, but you TOTALLY FORGOT to defrost/make/purchase dough and there is just no time to fix the mistake?

Well, you could punt entirely and make something else, it’s true.  You could also look around in your refrigerator and possibly find some crusty bread, some tortillas, or some other suitable pizza base.  I do it all the time — not the forgetting to make dough when I need it, but the using substitutions for fast pizzas, especially when I’m lunch-packing.  But if you haven’t got bread or tortillas or pita, and you haven’t got bagels, and you haven’t got English muffins, and you HAVE got a hungry family and a bunch of stuff you intended to use to top pizzas…then you’ve got to figure something else out.

A very decent “something else,” I’ve discovered, is this dinner crepe recipe.  It’s not a novel concept; after all, savory crepes are a well-known commodity.  But savory PIZZA crepes?  That’s not one I’ve seen very many places (okay, or at all).

The advantage of making pizza crepes when you’re out of time is that crepes themselves don’t take very long to make.  They do take a little practice, which I suggest you do at another moment — not on a harried weeknight when you need to get dinner on the table.  But once you’ve made them a few times and you’ve got your technique down, they’re a snap to pull together.  Better yet, this is a great recipe for gluten-free families, since you can easily make a GF crepe as the base without additional time or effort.  With nothing more than a fast salad or some sliced fruit needed to round out this meal, you can get dinner on the table — even in a pizza dough emergency! — in under half an hour.