I don’t have much to say tonight.  I almost didn’t post.  One of The Aunts, my Gramma’s sister, passed on today and I didn’t hear until just about an hour ago.  So I’m sad and thinking of her farmhouse among the maple trees sitting empty and lonely and wishing I’d been there more often in the past year to see her.

But it’s meal plan night.  And just as there’s order and comfort in having a meal plan on busy days or stressful days, there’s comfort in posting here for all of you.  It’s cold here tonight and the rain hasn’t let up.  I’m wrapped in a blanket and feeling how October is creeping in.  Things are very quiet.  And I’m looking forward.

Monday, 10/1: Whole-wheat pasta with chicken and broccoli
Tuesday, 10/2: Slow cooker: French-style pork stew and salad
Wednesday, 10/3: Buffalo lettuce wraps, fruit
Thursday, 10/4: Waffle iron panini
Friday, 10/5: Fend night

Grilled organic chicken sausages and vegetables — one of our favorite fend night dinners when there are no leftovers to be had.

Saturday, 10/6: Honey-mustard turkey and bacon bites, roasted vegetables
Sunday, 10/7: We’ll likely be out all day, so I’m employing the slow cooker again — Chicken stroganoff over egg noodles
Monday, 10/8: Spanikopita casserole and roasted squash

Spanikopita casserole

Tuesday, 10/9: Slow cooker: Italian wedding soup
Wednesday, 10/10: Pizza burgers and salad
Thursday, 10/11: Breakfast for dinner
Friday, 10/12: Fend night
Saturday, 10/13: Make your own taco bar
Sunday, 10/14: Roast lamb supper
Monday, 10/15: Butternut squash and pear soup, cheese, bread
Tuesday, 10/16: Slow cooker: Chili and cornbread
Wednesday, 10/17: Shaved steak skillet
Thursday, 10/18: Farfalle with wild mushrooms
Friday, 10/19: Fend night
Saturday, 10/20: Chicken with goat cheese and marinara, gnocchi
Sunday, 10/21: Scalloped potato casserole with ham, vegetables
Monday, 10/22: Vegetable pad thai
Tuesday, 10/23: Slow cooker: French dip sandwiches, salad
Wednesday, 10/24: Pan fried ham steak and vegetables
Thursday, 10/25: Homemade chicken nuggets
Friday, 10/26: Fend night
Saturday, 10/27: Homemade whole-wheat pizzas

It was really fun when we did our pizzas with pictures on them. Maybe we’ll do that again…

Sunday, 10/28: Pot roast and mashed potatoes
Monday, 10/29: My mom will be in town and has promised to handle dinner.  Score!
Tuesday, 10/30: Slow cooker: Flank steak tacos
Wednesday, 10/31: Fun Halloween dinner!  We’re making stuffed peppers carved like jack o’lanterns this year.