Tonight’s Lunch Logic seems, well, uber-logical, at least to me.  I guess what I mean is that many of these ideas are the types of things I would toss into lunchboxes on my most tired, least inspired mornings.  It’s all about the reuse of leftovers, after all — and some days, reusing those leftovers is more creative than others.  Of course, creativity isn’t necessarily the point of packing lunches, though I know we all give ourselves parent bonus points if we happen to execute some sort of genius lunch idea.  The point is that we pack wholesome, homemade lunches because we care about what our children are eating, and we want to give them the right kind of fuel to get them through the day.  And that is precisely what this Lunch Logic post is all about.  No fluff, few frills, virtually no flourishes.  Just lunch.

Meal Plan Refresher:

Saturday, 3/23: P.’s birthday party — no cooking tonight for me!
Sunday, 3/24: Lasagna with meat sauce
Make it GF: Use gluten-free pasta — if you can’t find lasagna noodles, make it as a baked pasta dish with shells or penne.
Monday, 3/25: Potato-leek soup, “pickies” platter (a plate of fruits, vegetables, cold meats, etc. from the fridge)
Tuesday, 3/26: Slow cooker — Citrus chicken, spinach salad
Wednesday, 3/27: Weekend warm-up: Turkey tacos
Thursday, 3/28: DIY wraps on spelt tortillas, sweet potato fries, fruit
Friday, 3/29: Fend night

The full March 2013 Meal Plan

The Lunch Logic:

Lunch logic March 2013.4a

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Lunch logic March 2013.4b
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