I’m dashing this off tonight, so forgive me; there’s not much to say, other than “Here’s the Lunch Logic!”

Essentially, the only thing I want to point out to you about this particular edition is that it shows you exactly how flexible some of the recipes (okay, most of the recipes) on this site can be.  I’m not much for creating fussy things that you have to have EVERY SINGLE INGREDIENT to make them successfully; real life just doesn’t work that way.  I want to give you recipes that are more like ideas and methods, so you can plug in what you have and come out with something that’s still good and tasty and healthy.  For that reason, this Lunch Logic suggests that you use Asian pork for items like my chicken spring roll recipe and the no-work noodle bowl.  It’ll work — trust me — and it’ll make great use of what you have on hand, rather than requiring you to buy a whole bunch of extra stuff.  In other words, this is Lunch Logic for real life.

Meal Plan Refresher (or see the entire May 2013 Meal Plan):


Wednesday, 5/1: Grilled chicken thighs with spinach pesto, roasted potatoes, salad
Thursday, 5/2: Breakfast for dinner
Friday, 5/3: Fend night
Saturday, 5/4: It’s Listen to Your Mother time!  My in-laws are taking me out to dinner after the show.  Because they’re great that way.
Sunday, 5/5: Sunday Roast Chicken dinner (yeah, I know it’s Cinco de Mayo, but my kids will be way happier with chicken; and I’ll be happy to de-stress with our go-to meal)
Monday, 5/6: Slow cooker — Asian pork lettuce wraps and cheater scallion pancakes
Make it GF: You can use any gluten-free tortilla you like, or forego the scallion pancakes and make spring rolls with rice paper wrappers.
Tuesday, 5/7: I have a potluck to attend tonight.  I’m truthfully not sure what I’m bringing, but I’ll probably make double of whatever it is to leave some for the guys!

The Lunch Logic:

Lunch logic May 2013.1a

Lunch logic May 2013.1b

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