This is a particularly delicious Lunch Logic session, if I do say so myself.  There’s some stuff for the carnivores and big appetites — taco-y stuff, tex-mex stuff, stuff that’s designed to stand up against the processed cafeteria nacho horror show — and then some more delicate, vegetarian stuff, that’s lighter and fresher but no less satisfying.  And all of these ideas can be made pretty quickly and easily, as lunch packing should be.

But.  Speaking of standing up against processed food…I’d like to actually distract you for a minute from the Lunch Logic plan, and instead ask you to devote a bit of time and attention to a piece of internet awesomeness that my good friend Bettina of The Lunch Tray has created.  This week, Bettina launched a wonderful YouTube video, animating a children’s story she wrote and illustrated.  “Mr. Zee’s Apple Factory” is a fun and pointed take on the industrialization of our food supply and how marketing influences the choices we make.  (I’m also honored to say that Bettina allowed me to be a small part of the project — if you listen for the ad jingle about halfway through, it’s voiced by yours truly!)  Watch and share this amazing piece of advocacy, and use it as inspiration to remind yourself why things like packing a healthy, homemade meal are more important than we sometimes care to admit.

Meal Plan Refresher (or check out the full May 2013 Meal Plan):


Wednesday, 5/15: Weekend Warmup: Quick skillet steak pizzaiola with roasted potatoes
Thursday, 5/16: Pasta with beets and goat cheese
Make it GF: use a wheat-free pasta like Jovial or Tinkyada brands
Friday, 5/17: Fend night
Saturday, 5/18: Eggplant burgers and sweet potato fries
Make it GF: Serve the burgers off the buns, and use gluten-free oats to bind them rather than breadcrumbs
Sunday, 5/19: Basic meatballs and grilled vegetables
Monday, 5/20: Turkey tacos
Tuesday, 5/21: DIY Asian noodle bowls, fruit

The Lunch Logic:

Lunch logic May 2013.3a

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Mediterranean-ish tarts

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