This week, my Lunch Logic is all about stretching ingredients.  Keeping a whole-food lifestyle viable for a family is sometimes challenging, but it gets easier (and more affordable) if you know how to easily transform things you’ve already cooked into several different meals.  I always feel just a little bit prouder of myself when I can keep something going for three or four days, stretching it out to the last bit of its usefulness. Knowing how to do that, reliably, no matter what’s in the refrigerator, is a skill that pays off both in dollars and in how you feel — in your body, and in the peace of mind that comes from a job well done.

Meal Plan Refresher:

Thursday, 1/23: Brown rice spaghetti with marinara sauce, salad
Friday, 1/24: Fend night/Kids Cook
Saturday, 1/25: Sunday Roast Chicken (I know…I know…it’s not Sunday!)
Sunday, 1/26: Spoon roast and mashed potatoes
Monday, 1/27: French onion soup and salad
Tuesday, 1/28: Slow cooker – Midwest Lentil soup

Leftover spaghetti lunchesLeftover roast beef lunches