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Longtime readers may remember that back in 2013, I was a member of the cast of the inaugural Providence “Listen to Your Mother” show – an amazing experience. Food writing isn’t the only writing I do, so it was a precious and validating moment for me to have the opportunity to share my words on a stage with a group of phenomenal fellow writers, especially knowing that we were all a part of something much bigger than what was happening in that auditorium. I wanted to do it again, but — quite rightly — the rules of the production discourage cast members from auditioning for subsequent shows, so that newcomers can have their chance. So I tucked it away as a special memory, enjoyed keeping up with the friends I made through the experience, and left it alone.

Until now.

I am beyond honored to officially announce that I’ll be co-directing this year’s Listen to Your Mother Providence show, along with an absolutely killer team that I am SO not worthy to be a part of:

Co-director Lauren Jordan, of the blog Don’t Lick the Trash Can
Co-producer Kirsten DiChiappari, The Queen of the Earth
and Co-producer Chelley Martinka, A is for Adelaide

All three are also LTYM alumnae – Lauren and Kirsten were cast members with me, in 2013, and Chelley followed us in the cast of the 2014 production. When we heard that the original director/producers were not able to continue helming the show in Providence for 2015, I think we all knew instantly that we couldn’t let it fade away. Other cities have applied and been turned down for this incredible opportunity; we needed to make sure that we honored Providence’s hosting rights and kept the show going for all the other writers who needed a place to share their stories. So we banded together, closed our eyes, and took a leap of faith.

As it turns out, our production will be part of the largest collection of Listen to Your Mother shows in the history of the project – 39 cities will host shows this year, 10 of them new. I am humbled to be a part of such a rapidly growing, incredibly rewarding national movement, and I encourage each of you to find the LTYM show that’s nearest to your hometown this spring so you can see what it’s all about, firsthand. You can also view all past LTYM shows on YouTube, including my reading of my 2013 piece, “Normal.”