Yeah, I know, it’s already well into July, so what am I doing posting the meal plan NOW?

Well, I’ve been away for a bit. I had a business trip to tackle, two boys to ferry to my parents’ house (and back to RI after), some summer camps to arrange, and Guilder to frame for it. (Bonus points to anyone who gets THAT obscure ’80s movie reference.) So I’ve just really returned home after nearly 2 weeks away and am getting my feet back under me, all while J. starts a new position he recently accepted out of the blue and L. starts an orchestra intensive that’s got him away from home 12 hours a day and us doing the drop-offs and pick-ups…40 minutes each way.


My kids have been out of school for exactly 3 weeks now, and so far this summer has been incredibly educational. For me, not them. In no particular order, I’ve learned:

  • Patios are expensive;
  • An 8-year-old’s input on his own summer camp arrangements may be subject to change at any time;
  • It is possible, though not recommended, to get through TSA at the airport without any ID;
  • The only thing worse than the DMV is the DMV during a change of computer systems;
  • A 2-year-old computer is viewed as “too old” by the people you need to fix it when it breaks;
  • 11 years is about the expected lifespan of a dryer;
  • And all of these things are easily forgotten when you engage in any of the following pursuits: Walking a dog on a cloudless day. Attending a neighborhood festival. Snapping a cell phone photo of the ocean that’s less than a mile from your house, which you forget during the day-to-day chaos. Meeting friends and neighbors on a breezy morning at the farmer’s market. Toasting a friend at her wedding. Singing with people you love. Taking a deep breath. Cooking a great meal.

It’s the simple pleasures, not the accumulated aggravations, that make a life. #whatilearnedonmysummervacation

And now, a simple pleasure I’ve relied on for over a decade now: The monthly meal plan.

July 2017 Meal Plan Image


Saturday, 7/1 – Friday, 7/7: Out of town for the aforementioned business travel/kid wrangling. (I know, such a tease.)


Saturday, 7/8: At a wedding and then a family party. Not cooking! (AGAIN! What is wrong with me?)
Sunday, 7/9: DINNER! Hallelujah. Fresh seafood and veggies from the farmer’s market
Monday, 7/10: 8-year-old “Chef P.” is in charge. Steak, broccoli and potatoes, he says.
Tuesday, 7/11: “Chef P.” again, for pasta with fresh herb butter and salad.
Wednesday, 7/12: “Chef P.” plans grilled chicken with homemade corn muffins and ratatouille
Thursday, 7/13: “Chef P.” has listed pork chops, garlic bread and asparagus on tonight’s menu
Friday, 7/14: The last night of “Chef P.’s” reign. Garlic bread grilled cheese sandwiches and salad


Saturday, 7/15: Not planning anything at the moment — L. will have his orchestra concert today, and we’ll likely grab dinner out
Sunday, 7/16: Fresh seafood from the farmer’s market
Monday, 7/17: Tropical chicken lettuce wraps
Tuesday, 7/18: Slow cooker barbecued pork with beans and rice
Wednesday, 7/19: Penne alla Norma
Thursday, 7/20: Chicken and potato tikka masala
Friday, 7/21: Sheet pan nachos


Saturday, 7/22: Fresh Seafood from the farmer’s market
Sunday, 7/23: Corn chowder and assorted salads
Monday, 7/24: Roast chicken and vegetables
Tuesday, 7/25: Pizza burgers and potato wedges
Wednesday, 7/26: Chicken fajita salad
Thursday, 7/27: Pork and sweet potato satay, rice and tahini coleslaw
Friday, 7/28: Lobster boil


Saturday, 7/29: Fresh tomato spaghetti
Sunday, 7/30: We may not be home for dinner tonight, so I’m not planning until I know
Monday, 7/31: “No-fuss” chicken, mashed potatoes and vegetables