I’ve been musing on something since I wrote the post on “Food Resolutions” — this question of accountability for our family’s choices.  What, exactly, does it mean for me to be “accountable” for the way that J. and I are trying to feed ourselves and the boys?  How can I really evaluate how well things are going, in RRG land, and report back on that — to myself and J., as well as to readers of this blog?

I mean, it’s one thing to tell you all that This Is What We Do, And I Don’t Expect You To Do It This Way, But It Works For Us.  It’s possible to hide behind that, in a way, because it doesn’t require me to really examine whether or not things are, in fact, “working for us.”  ARE they working?  Financially?  Health-wise?  Time-wise?  Kid-approval-wise?  And above all, Happiness-wise?  Are we as satisfied with our food and eating decisions as we could be?  Or is it possible that we could find we’re not as satisfied as we think we are, if we really put a magnifying lens up to our choices?

So here’s what I think.  I’m going to start an accountability series here on RRG, for the next 12 months.  Oh, nothing too heavy, I promise, but something that forces me to occasionally justify, to myself and to you, the decisions that we make in 2011.  I think it’ll be good for me, and possibly instructive for anyone who cares to read what I post here.

These are the categories I’ve come up with so far, when thinking about the things that should be covered:

Cost — how much are we REALLY spending on food?  I think I know, but it might be smart (and frightening) to take stock on a regular basis.
Time — how many trips to the store/farmer’s market/other purveyors are we making in a week?  How many hours am I spending in the kitchen?
Balance — Diet-wise and life-wise.
Reality Check — How much of what we make are we really eating?  How much of what I serve are my kids actually consuming?  How many snacks and fillers are we allowing to slip into the day?

I could use some help from readers on this.  Comment below, if you would be so kind, and let me know your thoughts.  What questions do you have for me?  Challenge me.  I need it.