Welcome back to Thanksgiving week on Red, Round, or Green!  On Monday night I shared two new easy recipes that are still impressive enough to kick off your Thanksgiving meal.  Tonight, it’s cold and blustery out and the first snow of the year has fallen here in Rhode Island, so naturally my thoughts have turned to comfort food.  Starch and fat, people.  Tonight we’re dealing with carbs and cream.

The two recipes I’m sharing here would make perfect additions to your Thanksgiving table, or to any holiday-season potlucks, buffets, or random occasions on which you’ve got to feed family and friends a delightful meal and don’t want to knock yourself out with the effort.  I’ve taken two very traditional flavors of the season — pumpkin and corn — and reworked them into slightly updated versions of classic dishes that will warm everyone up from the inside out.  They also have the added benefit of being far enough along on the carbs-and-cream scale that they might help induce that special Thanksgiving post-meal narcolepsy, so you can steal a few minutes of peace and quiet to relax away from the crowd.

On the Menu:

Cheddar-Sage Cornbread





Pumpkin Carbonara