Summer means grilling and grilling means kebabs.  Okay, maybe not for everyone, but there’s something appealing about the idea of having a whole meal sort of contained on one stick.  Like a meal-sicle.  Only not as gross as that sounds.

Kebabs are easy and fun and they tend to mean minimal clean-up.  Paired with just a little rice, cous cous, or quinoa, they’re a complete dinner at your fingertips, and let’s face it: They look darned festive.  But of course, ANYTHING can become boring if you don’t give it a little update from time to time.  So tonight I present to you a dress-it-up, dress-it-down, delicious take on the kebab.  It’s like an antipasto platter on a stick, or at least, that’s where the inspiration came from.

To make it grill-friendly, I started with chicken; to make it antipasto-reminiscent, I wrapped that chicken in prosciutto.  Summery zucchini, grape tomatoes, and artichoke hearts play up the theme in a not-too-obvious way.  And of course, there’s a marinade, which is super simple, really delicious, and could be made in mass quantities to double as salad dressing any old time.  The only hard part of these Antipasto Kebabs is that it takes a bit of time to assemble them, but then again, that’s sort of the deal with anything you have to thread onto a skewer.  In the end, I think they’re worth the effort.

Antipasto kebabs