It’s here! It’s finally here!

After one of the longest, most dramatic winters in recent memory (seriously, April? Nor’easters?), we have finally achieved something that sort of resembles Spring. There’s verifiable sunshine, temperatures have stayed warm enough for a long enough stretch that I felt okay about putting the winter jackets back into the closet, and P. and I even started to plant a little “Victory Garden,” courtesy of the WWII history class he took at the public library. (P.: “Mom! Look at all these seeds! I can plant my own Victory Garden!” Black-thumbed, plant-killing me: “Ohhh greeeeeaaat bud! That’s, um, greeeeaaat!”) Anyhow, peas and kale, I apologize in advance for what I suspect is going to happen to you, but at least we can try.

Along with the change in the weather come the other sure signs of May: The return of my dearly loved neighborhood farmer’s market, and some of the downright busiest weeks our calendar sees all year. So May’s meal plan is very much an exercise in optimism with a dose of hard-earned experience. But I’ll be smiling all the way through it. Yay, Spring.

May 2018


Tuesday, 5/1: Turkey burgers with cornmeal crusted potato wedges
Wednesday, 5/2: Chilaquiles with avocado
Thursday, 5/3: Out to dinner! L. won a prestigious scholarship, and tonight is the awards ceremony, so we’re celebrating.
Friday, 5/4: DIY Sushi Bowls (Fun fact! I submitted this idea to Real Simple Magazine and they featured it in their April issue. Crazy how that works.)
Saturday, 5/5: The return of the Farmer’s Market! We’ll grab some fresh seafood and rejoice.
Sunday, 5/6: Sunday Roast Chicken dinner
Monday, 5/7: Croque Madame, salad


Tuesday, 5/8: Greek Chicken and Quinoa Salad
Wednesday, 5/9: Sheet Pan Pork and Sweet Potato Satay, rice
Thursday, 5/10: Cobb casserole and crusty bread
Friday, 5/11: Burger night! L. got a “Bob’s Burgers” themed cookbook for his birthday last summer, and he and his brother have been enjoying working their way through it to pick out burger recipes to try.
Saturday, 5/12: Farmer’s Market seafood — I’ll probably try to make Sheet Pan Nicoise
Sunday, 5/13: Mother’s Day, so I abdicate responsibility for dinner!
Monday, 5/14: Penne alla Norma, salad


Tuesday, 5/15: Turkey tacos
Wednesday, 5/16: Chicken and potato tikka masala with raita and rice
Thursday, 5/17: Breakfast tostadas, fruit
Friday, 5/18: The kids’ spring musical at school. They’re eating pizza at the cast party…don’t know what we and the visiting relatives will do yet!
Saturday, 5/19: L. and I both have concerts. Freezer meal time!
Sunday, 5/20: L. and I have theatre tickets and will get home just before dinner. We’ll do a quick meal of Cajun grilled seafood and whatever fast sides I can pull off.
Monday, 5/21: One pot farro with tomatoes and mozzarella, spinach salad


Tuesday, 5/22: Candied Rosemary Chicken and Vegetables, couscous
Wednesday, 5/23: I’ll be out this evening with a friend — leaving lasagna and salad for the guys.
Thursday, 5/24: Steak fajitas
Friday, 5/25: Dinner with friends!
Saturday, 5/26: Grilled chicken sandwiches, roasted vegetables and fruit salad
Sunday, 5/27: Whatever fresh seafood I picked up at the market on Saturday!
Monday, 5/28: Vegetable fried rice


Tuesday, 5/29: Homemade pizza
Wednesday, 5/30: BLTs, fruit, potato salad
Thursday, 5/31: Chicken and roasted garlic pasta salad, assorted vegetables