I have no time today for a proper post.  But I did read an article today about the 1-gram reduction in sugars General Mills will be making to all of its kids’ cereals, and what struck me was the tone of some of the comments: somewhere between shocking ignorance and outright hostility to those of us who are “forcing” them to make healthy choices for their kids.

I know I shouldn’t be surprised.  But one of the comments actually said something to the effect of: “I have noticed that the kids who are eating ‘healthier’ actually seem tired all the time and like they are losing concentration.  Kids do need sugar to have energy.”

Um.  What?

Sigh.  Okay.  I’ll play along.  And here I offer a very quick, very easy, recipe that includes sugar.  But also fruit.  Which has sugar in it.  Except it’s the natural kind.  Oh, also, I threw in some pesky oatmeal, which is one of those dastardly health food ingredients.  Hope my kids can stay alert in preschool today.  :-/