You’re surprised, right?  I know it’s not quite the end of the month, but with a holiday weekend coming up, I figured this was the best time to post our meal plan for June.  Who knows what the next several days will bring for the RRG family (and for all of you)?  Better to be prepared, I think, than to sheepishly post the menu after the first of the month.

First, though, I do have a quick favor to ask of all of you.  If you haven’t yet read yesterday’s post, and the comments section, please do.  I’m mulling over two very interesting comments, from readers Justin and James, both of whom came down on the side of me feeding L. some hot dogs, McDonald’s, etc. as a way of responding to his questions about those foods.  I responded to both readers that I didn’t think I’d be going that route, but I would love to hear what the rest of you think.  In my opinion, letting L. taste a hot dog or a McDonald’s burger at some point — when it might happen sort of organically (no irony meant, there), or as part of a social event — is different from me seeking out those items and providing them to him just to make sure he doesn’t feel deprived in some way.  Thoughts?

Anyway, as you mull that over, do also mull over this meal plan.  It was a joy to write it, since I know our fresh, local produce options will be rapidly expanding throughout the month.  Summer, here we come!

Wednesday, 6/1: Chicken and vegetable stir-fry, brown rice, fruit
Thursday, 6/2: Spanakopita casserole and vegetable platter
Friday, 6/3: Fend night
Saturday, 6/4: I have a performance, so I’ll leave a cold Antipasto Pasta Salad and fruit plate for the guys.
Sunday, 6/5: Another performance.  Slow cooker time!  White bean and chicken chili, whole-wheat corn muffins
Monday, 6/6: Swedish potato pancakes, salad and vegetables
Tuesday, 6/7: Steak and mushrooms on toast, grilled veggies
Wednesday, 6/8: Eggplant veggie burgers and fruit
Thursday, 6/9: Fish supper
Friday, 6/10: Fend night
Saturday, 6/11: Falafel, pita, hummus, tabbouleh salad
Sunday, 6/12: Sunday Roast Chicken dinner with vegetables
Monday, 6/13: Spinach ravioli and salad
Tuesday, 6/14: Slow cooker — Beef fajitas, guacamole, fruit
Wednesday, 6/15: DIY Salad platter and crusty bread
Thursday, 6/16: Salmon cakes, sauteed spinach, cucumber and tomato salad
Friday, 6/17: Fend night
Saturday, 6/18: Chicken breasts with goat cheese and marinara sauce, gnocchi, salad
Sunday, 6/19: Father’s Day Dinner with J.’s family
Monday, 6/20: Bean and avocado nachos, cous cous and vegetable salad
Tuesday, 6/21: I’ve got an evening commitment, so I’ll let the guys fend tonight
Wednesday, 6/22: Homemade pizzas, salad, fruit
Thursday, 6/23: Lamb or chicken kebabs on the grill, wild rice
Friday, 6/24: Quiche and fruit
Saturday, 6/25: “Clambake” style supper
Sunday, 6/26: Roasted boneless turkey breast and market vegetables
Monday, 6/27: Parmesan chicken cutlets, grape tomato salad, greens
Tuesday, 6/28: Beet and corn panzanella, fruit platter
Wednesday, 6/29: “Frog slime” meatballs, pasta pesto, veggies
Thursday, 6/30: BLTs and side salads (depends on what looks great at the farmer’s market)

Happy Memorial Day, everybody!