It’s my blogaversary!

I can’t believe it, but exactly one year ago, I published the very first post here on Red, Round, or Green.  So much has changed in my life since those beginning words that it’s hard to even take it all in and digest it.  Having this blog has been such a positive experience, and has opened me up to new ideas, new people, new opportunities — and amazing fellow bloggers and wonderful readers, who never fail to show up with support, comments, questions, and important things to say at just the right times. 

I pondered how to properly celebrate the 1-year mark, and asked some people for their opinions, but honestly…I have to say, when I looked at my calendar and realized it’s Meal Plan night, I couldn’t have been happier.  It seems to me that the really appropriate way to ring in Year Two of RRG is just to keep on doing the things I intended to do when I started this blog, and the monthly meal plan is a big piece of that.  Sure, I’ve got plans for this second year of blogging, and hopes and dreams for the future of this site, but none of those things are going to happen tonight.  Tonight, it’s all about August, and the flourishing of all the best summer produce in New England, and writing my meal plan. 

Monday, 8/1: Sesame noodles with broccoli, fruit platter
Tuesday, 8/2: Rosemary-bacon chicken salad and fresh vegetables
Wednesday, 8/3: Tomato-poached eggs and garlicky greens
Thursday, 8/4: “Raggedy Ann Salads” (it’s a childhood nostalgia thing passed down from my great-grandmother; I’ll give it a bit of an update to appeal to my kids)
Friday, 8/5: Fend night
Saturday, 8/6: L.’s birthday party!  We’re having a luau lunch with his little friends, and then his favorite — cheeseburgers — for dinner.
Sunday, 8/7: J.’s birthday party!  We’ll do a clambake-style supper with lots of local seafood.
Monday, 8/8: Farmer’s market vegetable pasta, salad
Tuesday, 8/9: Gazpacho and grilled cheese sandwiches with avocado
Wednesday, 8/10: No-fuss chicken fingers, veggies, wild rice
Thursday, 8/11: Chicken and vegetable hash, fruit platter
Friday, 8/12: Fend night
Saturday, 8/13: Dinner with family
Sunday, 8/14: Falafel and tabbouleh
Monday, 8/15: Breakfast for dinner
Tuesday, 8/16: Slow cooker — turkey meatball subs, salad, fruit
Wednesday, 8/17: Grilled sweet corn tacos and avocado salad
Thursday, 8/18: Eggplant burgers and sweet potato fries
Friday, 8/19: Fend night
Saturday, 8/20: Grilled shrimp and tomato-cheese tart
Sunday, 8/21: Sunday roast chicken, grilled vegetables, corn casserole
Monday, 8/22: Homemade whole-wheat pizzas, salad, fruit
Tuesday, 8/23: Chicken caprese wraps and veggies
Wednesday, 8/24: Zucchini cakes with ham and eggs
Thursday, 8/25: Whole-wheat pasta with fresh tomato sauce
Friday, 8/26: Fend night
Saturday, 8/27: Chicken sausages on buns, farmer’s market salads
Sunday, 8/28: Grilled fish and vegetable panzanella
Monday, 8/29: Sweet corn soup and quesadilla bar
Tuesday, 8/30: Slow cooker — barbecued spare ribs, salads
Wednesday, 8/31: Dinner crepes and fruit platter

Thanks for reading, everyone!  Hope you’ll all be here — with new friends as well — for RRG’s second birthday.