Baked penne Florentine

Sheesh, it’s April 1?

I almost didn’t post the meal plan on time!  Actually, if we’re getting technical about it, I DIDN’T post on time.  I always try to get you the next month’s plan by the last day of the previous month, but what can I say…it’s not as if there’s been anything newsworthy going on lately to keep some of us food bloggers a bit tied up with other things.  *Cough*  Anyway, I’m dying to write a couple of other, more weighty posts, but it IS meal plan time, and that’s sacred here at RRG.

Besides, truthfully, I could use a brain break.  I bet some of you feel the same way.

April’s plan is nothing special nor glorious.  It’s the product of a tired mind that was simultaneously on meal-planning autopilot, and laboring at what felt like warp speed over other pressing issues.  The best I can say about it is: Yup.  This is what I’ve got right now.  But hey.  We’ll eat.

Sunday, 4/1: Sunday Roast Chicken Dinner with roasted brussels sprouts
Monday, 4/2: One of J.’s favorites — skillet chicken with goat cheese and marinara, salad
Tuesday, 4/3: Slow cooker — meatball subs
Wednesday, 4/4: DIY salad platter and homemade muffins
Thursday, 4/5: Panko crusted cod cakes, green beans
Friday, 4/6: Fend night
Saturday, 4/7: Whole-wheat pasta primavera
Sunday, 4/8: Easter dinner.  We just finalized plans with friends, and yes, I’m cooking — but no, I’m not sure what yet.  Easter usually means either lamb or pork to me.  I’ll check with the guests and see what they’d prefer.
Monday, 4/9: Turkey tacos, guacamole, confetti corn
Tuesday, 4/10: Slow cooker — French dip sandwiches, sweet potato fries, fruit
Wednesday, 4/11: Tomato soup, whole-wheat biscuits, veggie platter
Thursday, 4/12: Sesame noodles with broccoli, oranges
Friday, 4/13: Fend night
Saturday, 4/14: Falafel and pitas
Sunday, 4/15: Herb-marinated pork (whatever cut is most affordable), crispy roasted potatoes, vegetables
Monday, 4/16: Whole wheat pasta with sweet potatoes and bell peppers, salad
Tuesday, 4/17: Slow cooker — ropas viejas, homemade tortillas, rice and beans
Wednesday, 4/18: No-fuss chicken, vegetables
Thursday, 4/19: Fend night
Friday, 4/20: Family coming into town; I’ll let the kids pick the menu.
Saturday, 4/21: Cooking dinner for my Dad’s birthday.  His choice: Lobsters, grass-fed steaks, fettucine, asparagus.
Sunday, 4/22: After all that food the night before, I’m not planning anything!
Monday, 4/23: Dinner crepes and fruit
Tuesday, 4/24: Slow cooker — ginger chicken, rice, vegetables
Wednesday, 4/25: Eggplant “burgers” and salad
Thursday, 4/26: Pasta poulet and roasted broccoli
Friday, 4/27: Fend night
Saturday, 4/28: Parmesan chicken cutlets and vegetables
Sunday, 4/29: Baked penne florentine, salad
Monday, 4/30: Quesadillas, fruit, avocado salad