We’re back!

I took some time off from Lunch Logic, as I’m sure many of you noticed.  Over the summer, a lunch-packing feature doesn’t make as much sense as it does during the school year, so once June was done I decided to break for a couple of months; then the fall hit, and I had an unusual number of commitments and other things going on, and frankly….I just needed a little breather from this particular weekly feature.  But now I’ve been off the Lunch Logic for so long that I actually started to miss it, which is a sure sign I’m ready to get cracking again.

This week’s Lunch Logic is all about batch cooking.  Those of you who have hung around here for long enough will be able to recite this with me: If you make extras of things while you’re already cooking, you’ll have plenty to eat — and plenty of free time — later on.  We’re all about working smarter, not harder, to get everybody fed.

Meal Plan Refresher:

Wednesday, 1/1: Lasagna, meatballs, and salad (we’ll use brown rice lasagna sheets)
Thursday, 1/2: Buffalo-inspired lettuce wraps, sweet potato fries
Friday, 1/3: Fend night/Kids Cook
Saturday, 1/4: Clam chowder and salad
Sunday, 1/5: Dinner with family
Monday, 1/6: Pumpkin risotto, sautéed greens
Tuesday, 1/7: Slow cooker – Coconut milk chicken and quinoa

Lunch logic January 2014.1a

Lunch logic January 2014.1b

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