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Yesterday I was at a rehearsal for Listen to Your Mother: Providence – our last time running through the show before we perform it live on Saturday afternoon before a huge audience of screaming fans (okay, a few hundred likely quiet, respectful friends and family members, but whatever).  I’m one of a lineup of fourteen women who are taking that stage and speaking the words that we’ve written about mothering; it’s an experience I can only liken to suddenly being invited to eat lunch at the cool kids’ cafeteria table, and sitting there holding your breath the whole time because you’re wondering when they’re going to drop the bomb that … Continue reading

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After Boston: Family Dinner Matters

Today I am thinking about two things that are not a secret to anyone. First, I’m thinking about – preparing for, excitedly awaiting, nervously anticipating – the Family Dinner Conference, which will be happening on Thursday in New York City.  If you read my posts or follow me on Facebook, you know all about this, of course; I’m thrilled and honored and in all other ways tickled completely pink to be a part of the speaking lineup.  Thursday is going to be a big, big day. Secondly, I’m thinking about Boston. How these two things converge into a cohesive post comes from the crazy, crazy thought that popped into my … Continue reading

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Meal Plan for a Busy, Busy April

I’m quietly freaking out.   Except…now that I’m writing about it on a public blog, I guess it’s not so much “quiet” anymore, right?  So now I’m PUBLICLY and NOISILY freaking out. It’s all good stuff that’s making me this way.  But I’m looking at the calendar and realizing that I am just absolutely booked SOLID for the foreseeable future.  And since I’m the type of person who almost never acknowledges, for real, just how busy I am…you can imagine how bad things must be for me to be using the term “booked solid.”  “Calendar stuffed fuller than a Thanskgiving turkey” is probably a more accurate way to describe the next … Continue reading

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March At Last! A Meal Plan

Oh, hooray, it’s March at last! I’ve spent much time bemoaning the winter weather, and while I know that March doesn’t exactly bring balmy temperatures to New England (and, in fact, we’ve still got a few weeks left where there’s a fair shot at snow, to be accurate), it still signals something.  A change in the air, a change of seasons, a new ushering-in sort of feeling.  Before you know it, March turns to April, and then it’s a short leap to summer.  March is POSSIBILITY. March is also the birthday month for me and for P., so there are a couple of days in this month’s meal plan I’m … Continue reading

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Monday Menus: A Dinner Party for Everyone

One of the things I think many people tend to struggle with, as they try to eat well, cook real food, and maintain a balance between their food values and their social lives, is how to deal with hosting a dinner party that will appeal to guests of all ages.  If your family is anything like ours, trying to get together with grown-up friends is challenging at best, and it’s much easier to accomplish if you host whole-family parties where the kids can run off and play together while the grown-ups have their own playtime (i.e., standing around the kitchen munching on olives and drinking maybe a little more wine … Continue reading

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The Letter

Yesterday and today on the RRG Facebook page, there’s been a lot of discussion about candy Valentines and junk food at school parties, in general.  If you haven’t been privy to all of that, I’ll sum it up by saying that quite literally, my two boys came home from school on Valentine’s Day with so much candy from classmates that it truly could have been a re-stocking of their trick-or-treat bags.  I’m not into the whole “candy is evil and should be eradicated from the earth” stance, but neither do I think that a holiday that used to be about exchanging corny notes and crafts and showing loving kindess to … Continue reading

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The “Big Belly” Issue

Not long before the holiday break, L.’s Kindergarten class was engaged in a “health and nutrition” unit at school.  I’d seen it in the newsletter, so I knew it was coming, but otherwise I stayed totally out of the whole thing.  I resisted my temptation to ask what would be included, to offer assistance, or to butt in at all.  I wanted to see if he’d come home talking about it, and if so, what kind of information he’d bring.  I wanted to be a Nutrition Unit Voyeur. The major takeaway, so far, appears to be: “If you have a big belly, you’re not healthy.  If you don’t have a … Continue reading

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Get It Done: A Holiday Organization Manifesto

Some people reading this – like my sister, D. – will read that title with a snort and a knowing smirk.  They will say that I am exactly the WRONG person to write a blog post about organizing anything, especially since I am legendary for not ever sending a single greeting card on time and have a “junk drawer“ that appears to have spawned and become four or five junk drawers.  I understand the skepticism, but I actually think the fact that I am not a naturally fabulously organized person (yes, despite the meal planning!  Really!) makes me uniquely qualified to discuss the issue of how in the world to … Continue reading

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Childhood Obesity: I Know What I Know

Anybody who has hung out here for very long has probably been acquainted with the trials and tribulations of L.’s weight.  If you haven’t been a part of that particular conversation, you can catch up here, here, and here; but the shorthand version is that pretty much since he was two and a half years old, my six-year-old son has been deemed overweight by his pediatrician.  Not by his clothing size, not by the naked eye of anyone who knows him, but strictly by his BMI.  And J. and I have tried our best to manage it, to deal with it, without resorting to the suggested tactics — restricting portions … Continue reading

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October Meal Plan: The Comfort of Routine

I don’t have much to say tonight.  I almost didn’t post.  One of The Aunts, my Gramma’s sister, passed on today and I didn’t hear until just about an hour ago.  So I’m sad and thinking of her farmhouse among the maple trees sitting empty and lonely and wishing I’d been there more often in the past year to see her. But it’s meal plan night.  And just as there’s order and comfort in having a meal plan on busy days or stressful days, there’s comfort in posting here for all of you.  It’s cold here tonight and the rain hasn’t let up.  I’m wrapped in a blanket and feeling … Continue reading

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