Here in RI, we’re just starting the third (well, okay, sort second-and-a-half?) week of school.  I’ve heard from readers whose kids have been back well over a month, people whose kids are just getting started, and everyone in between.  As for our lunch-packing series here on RRG, well, we’re heading into the home stretch.  In the past four weeks, I’ve shared Easy Bites, Mini-Meals, Stuff in Other Stuff, and Hearty and Handy fare.  Now that I’m posting my fifth consecutive Lunchbox Edition, I think it’s high time we got to the heart of the school lunchbox: the sandwich.

Yes, sandwiches are still a great lunch – in case you’ve been confused by all the non-sandwich fare I’ve shared here, or by pictures of amazing non-sandwich gourmet bento boxes on other people’s blogs and pages.  Lunch does not HAVE to be a sandwich, and most times, in our house, it’s not.  But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pack them.  They’re a lunchbox classic for a reason, after all: they’re perfectly portable, endlessly customizable, and depending on what goes into them, they can be a complete, healthy meal unto themselves.

Today, though, we’re doing sandwiches with style.  I’m going beyond the PB&J and the ham and cheese to show you some fun twists on the sandwich that can spruce up any lunchbox.  Mainly, these are non-traditional — but they still fit the “sandwich” mold by being, basically, a filling stuck between two slices of bread (or something that stands in for the bread).  My kids loved these out-of-the-box interpretations, and hopefully yours will too.

On the Menu:

Mini-Meatball Clubs
Sweet Apple Quesadillas
Open-faced Bolognese Pizzas
Soft Pretzel Sandwiches
Roasted Pepper Phyllo Bites
Crispy Crepes