The September meal plan can’t really be here.  It was NINETY degrees today, for heaven’s sake.  It cannot possibly be time to do this again, already.

And yet, here I am, faced with a calendar that stubbornly insists that yes, tomorrow is, in fact, the first day of the month.  So I’m writing a meal plan anyway, despite the fact that I strongly suspect the calendar lies.

The good news for you all is that I’m devoting this month, as well as likely an additional month or two after it, to cooking meals that will help me build a new project here on the site.  There will be a good dose of experimentation and a lot of new things coming out of my kitchen this fall, all of which will hopefully be put to (eventual) good use.  I can’t divulge just yet what I’m planning, but my goal is that when it’s ready, it will be a great resource for you all on busy evenings.

And now, with no further ado, and a good bit of grumbling: The plan.

Saturday, 9/1: Grilled sausages with zucchini and peppers
Sunday, 9/2: Greek dill chicken with cous cous and vegetables
Make it GF: Substitute quinoa for the cous cous
Monday, 9/3: Labor Day.  Don’t know what we’re doing, but it may involve lobster.
Tuesday, 9/4: Back to rehearsals after a summer off!  Slow cooker night — Mom’s spaghetti with meat sauce.
Make it GF: Use brown rice pasta

Whole wheat penne with Slow Cooker Meat Sauce, salad

Wednesday, 9/5: Cheddar barbecue turkey sandwiches and fruit
Make it GF: Omit the bread and serve on top of grilled tomato slices
Thursday, 9/6: Spicy pork and vegetable stir fry, brown rice
Friday, 9/7: Fend night
Saturday, 9/8: My folks will be in town.  This usually means that no matter what I’ve planned, they overrule me and provide dinner.  Not a bad deal.
Sunday, 9/9: The folks will still be around, but I suspect we’ll cook today — probably steaks?
Monday, 9/10: Whole wheat pasta with roasted peppers, ham, and mozzarella
Make it GF: Use brown rice pasta
Tuesday, 9/11: Slow cooker — Sloppy joes
Make it GF: Serve the sloppy joe mixture in corn tortillas, over cornbread made with masa, or on top of roasted sweet potatoes
Wednesday, 9/12: Tomato soup and bistro salads
Thursday, 9/13: Fajitas (whether chicken, beef, or shrimp, will be determined by prices at the market)
Make it GF: Use corn tortillas
Friday, 9/14: Fend night
Saturday, 9/15: Parmesan salmon fingers with avocado dip, salad
Make it GF: Substitute crushed popcorn and oats in the breading mixture
Sunday, 9/16: Sunday Roast chicken with vegetables
Monday, 9/17: Pepperoni-spinach calzones
Make it GF: If you don’t want to use a GF pizza dough, then I’d recommend stuffing the filling mixture inside rolled-up slices of eggplant and baking with sauce over the top.

Pepperoni-Spinach Calzone with Homemade Marinara

Tuesday, 9/18: Slow cooker — California chuck roast
Wednesday, 9/19: Chicken hash and fruit
Thursday, 9/20: DIY salad night
Friday, 9/21: Fend night
Saturday, 9/22: White bean and chicken chili
Sunday, 9/23: Zucchini parmigiana
Monday, 9/24: Patty melts and sweet potato fries
Make it GF: omit the bread for the patty melts
Tuesday, 9/25: Slow cooker — Asian lettuce wraps
Wednesday, 9/26: No-fuss chicken, vegetables
Thursday, 9/27: Pasta with pancetta and peas
Make it GF: use brown rice pasta
Friday, 9/28: Fend night
Saturday, 9/29: Potato pancakes with smoked salmon

Potato Pancakes with Smoked Salmon, fresh vegetables, and dill

Sunday, 9/30: Beef bourgignon and mashed potatoes